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Remember the brick house in the Three Little Pigs? The third little pig’s brick home was far stronger than the straw and stick homes of the other two pigs and was able to withstand the powerful force of the Big Bad Wolf’s huffing and puffing. While brick and masonry homes are certainly strong and built to last, they aren’t immune to structural problems and deterioration. In Houston, brick homes and buildings are charming – and often in need of brick restoration. Even modern brick structures may need shoring up, mortar repair, crack repair, cleaning, and sealants. Whether you’re preserving one of Houston’s historic brick buildings or repairing brickwork on a contemporary building, hiring an experienced masonry contractor is essential.

We are a Houston brick contracting company with over 20 years of masonry restoration service. Over the years, we’ve worked with preservationists, private homeowners, and business owners on masonry and brick repair projects of all sizes. Masonry is a craft that goes back thousands of years. While the craft is ancient, today’s masonry techniques and materials are better than ever. We are skilled at assessing the condition of a building’s brick and mortar and apply our knowledge of both Old World masonry techniques as well as modern techniques in preserving and repairing deteriorating or cracked brick buildings.

In addition to restoration expertise, we understand the problems that brick homes typically encounter with specific issues affecting newer homes and different issues affecting older brick homes. This understanding and experience allows us to address the underlying problems. For example, foundation and soil problems are frequently the cause of brick cracks. While a crack can be repaired, if the underlying issue isn’t considered and addressed, future cracks are inevitable.

Don’t worry, not all cracks require major masonry restoration. Sometimes a crack is just a crack. An experienced mason understands the difference and we will work diligently on your project, regardless of its scope. We are masonry specialists with access to materials and tints for nearly undetectable repairs.